Kim Dotcom Offering A ?10,000 Reward To Break Into Mega’s Security

Posted Feb 2, 2013

Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz is offering a ?10,000 (around $13,580 in U.S. dollars) reward for the first person that can break Mega’s security system.  Mega is storage solutions company that was founded by Schmitz after he was arrested for his involvement in Megaupload.

Dotcom put up the reward after Mega was criticized by the way they handle their security.  Dotcom and his team added new security layers recently like a change password feature.  Mega launched about two weeks ago and they hit over 1 million registered users in one day.  The company is storing around 50 million files already.

Dotcom also said that the Mega service would be protected by the law and he said that 20 lawyers have gone through the service from a copyright-violation stand-point.  Mega offers 50GB of free storage and Dotcom pointed out earlier this week that only 0.001% of the files stored on Mega has been taken down for copyright.

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[Source: TNW]