Kim Dotcom’s Mega Hits 1 Million Users In 24 Hours

Posted Jan 20, 2013

Mega is a new cloud storage service launched by Kim “Dotcom” Schmitz.  You may remember Dotcom as being the founder of Megaupload.  Dotcom’s mansion was raided and his cars were confiscated due to copyright infringement claims.  Dotcom has really bounced back since then because around 1 million people have already signed up for the new Mega cloud service within 24 hours according to The Next Web.  The Mega cloud service is offering 50 gigabytes of data for free.

Mega’s growth is much faster than their biggest rival, Dropbox.  Dropbox launched in September 2008 and hit the one million user mark in April 2009.  Mega hit around 100,000 users within half an hour of the website’s launch. The website went offline for several users since it could not keep up with the rapid growth.

To promote the launch of Mega, Schmitz hosted a huge press bash (video below) that featured a tribal dance and a reenactment of the FBI raid on his house.  “By using Mega you say no to those who want to know everything about you. By using Mega you say no to governments that want to spy on you. By using Mega you say yes to Internet freedom and your right to privacy,” stated Dotcom.

Aside from the 50GB of free storage, Mega offers 500GB for $13 per month and 1TB for $40 per month.