Kanye West Sue YouTube Co-Founder Chad Hurley For Leaked Proposal Video

Posted Nov 2, 2013

Rapper Kanye West and reality show celebrity Kim Kardashian has filed a lawsuit against YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley (pictured above) on Thursday.  Kim and Kanye claimed that Chad violated a confidentiality agreement by uploading a video of the couple’s marriage proposal on Hurley’s new video-sharing service, MixBit.

Hurley was not invited to the proposal on October 21st at AT&T Park in San Francisco, but he was allowed to stay since he signed an agreement not to post videos or images from the event.  Kanye allowed other cameras to film the event as part of a potential broadcast on the E! Entertainment Television channel.  E! is the network that airs Kim’s show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” 

Hurley posted the blurry 2.5 minute video on MixBit that show Kanye proposing to Kim while an orchestra played.  Kim and Kanye are seeking unspecified damages from Chad Hurley and his company AVOS Systems.  Chad launched AVOS with another YouTube co-founder, Steve Chen.

“Exclusive rights, such as those sold by plaintiffs to publication of video of the event, are particularly valuable,” states the lawsuit.