receives trademark for the word “candy” from Candy Crush franchise

Posted Jan 20, 2014 has received the trademark for the word “Candy.” filed a trademark for the word with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last February. The USPTO approved of the trademark on January 15th. This gives a lot of power.

Now could technically file takedown notices for a game that has a name with something along the lines of “Candy Match” or “Candy Grab.” now has the legal power to go after developers that already have puzzle games that are similar to Candy Crush Saga as well. According to VentureBeat, there is a developer that is claiming that is already going after games that have the word “Candy” in the title. Benjamin Hsu said that filed a notice with the Apple App Store to have his game “All Candy Casino Slots” removed.

?I think it?s pretty ridiculous to take over the use of a common word like ?Candy,?? stated Hsu in an interview with VentureBeat. ?I find it hard to believe that the word ?Candy? would cause any confusion to their massively popular global game.?

Hsu said that he would fight it if he could afford it because the word “candy” is in the dictionary.

[Source: Gamezebo]