Kingsoft Office Software Raises $50 Million

Posted Nov 25, 2013

China-based Kingsoft Office Software has raised $50 million in funding.  The company has plans to expand to the U.S. following this funding round.  Kingsoft Office offers free document-editing software for PCs and mobile operating systems.  Kingsoft is planning to open an office in Palo Alto to boost their marketing and partnerships.  Morningside Capital, GGV Capital, and Shunwei China Internet Fund were the investors in this round.

?Kingsoft Office has grown to become one of the most popular and highly rated office solutions for PCs and mobile devices,? stated Ke Ge, CEO of Kingsoft Office. ?But with an estimated two billion mobile devices to be shipped in 2014, we see an incredible opportunity to continue growing our consumer base as well as our global partnerships.?

Kingsoft has 120 million users using their PC software and they have 100 million registered users on Android.  The company is also planning to launch an update to their iOS app soon too.