Klout Hires Angel Investor Emil Michael As COO

Posted Jul 3, 2012

Klout has hired one of their angel investors Emil Michael as chief operating officer.  Michael worked at Internet telephone startup company Tellme Networks for 9 years.  He is going lead the business operations for Klout, a service that gives users a score based on how much they participate in social media.

Tellme was backed by Kleiner Perkins and so is Klout.  Tellme was co-founded by Mike McCue, the current CEO of Flipboard, which is another company that received funding from Kleiner Perkins.  Tellme’s other co-founder Angus Davis is the CEO of payments startup company Swipely.  Michael is an investor in Swipely.

Michael was not placed at Klout by Kleiner Perkins.  However Kleiner Perkins has a network of savvy executives that are ready to join startups when they are at the right stage.