Klout Redesigns Profiles, Personal Perks Page, And Perks Showcase

Posted Sep 22, 2013

Klout has just announced several new features.  Klout has redesigned profiles, their personal perks pages, and the perks showcase pages.

Redesigned Profiles: Klout has updated profile pages so that you will get a sense of your social media footprint.  Like your old profile, you will find the social networks that you are the most active on, the top influencers that affect your score, and your top content.  When you look at your friends’ profiles, you can give them +K in the topics that you think they are influential about.

Personal Perks: Perks now has a dedicated page so that you can see what new perks that you are eligible for and check on the status of the Perks you’ve claimed.  Navigate to your personal Perks page from the back navigation to revisit that Perk.

Perks Showcase: The personal Perks page will let you click on any Perk to check out what influencers are saying about the experience.  There are ratings, reviews, and social buzz based on that Perk.

[Source: Sahana Ullagaddi on the Klout Blog]