Kodak Announces Pulse Digital Frames

Posted Jan 9, 2011

Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:EK) has announced a couple new digital frames under the Pulse line of products. The two Kodak digital photo frames come in 7-inch and in 10-inch. The 10-inch Kodak Pulse Digital Frame W1030S and 7-inch Kodak Pulse Digital Frame W730S have WiFi built in and are 800×600 resolution. The aspect ratio is 4:3 and the interfaces are fully touch screen.

There is a hint of social networking in the photo frames because it lets you comment on photos that the frames receive through a Quick Comment button on the touchscreen. There are 12 canned responses associated with the Quick Comments like LOL! OMG! and Kodak Moment! It sends these photos with canned responses via e-mail and Facebook. The two Pulse Kodak frames also lets you stream images from Facebook or Kodak Gallery albums. The 7-inch costs $129.95 and the 10-inch costs $199.95. Both frames will be available this spring.