Kodak Beginning To Delete Gallery Photos

Posted Jun 3, 2009

At the end of March, Kodak announced that they will start to delete your photos unless you pony up some cash.  Photos are now starting to be deleted and the whole process started about two weeks ago.  Kodak did not provide any easy way to save the pictures either, thus putting consumers in a forced position to either lose some money or become a victim.

“So, Kodak, are you serious? I have 3000 photos and now you’re telling me the only out I have for free is to download them all ONE AT A TIME? This is bush league. I’d be perfectly content to give your storage back and never give you another penny of my money if you gave me a legitimate option. But now I’m left to wonder, is this the example you want to set in a world powered by user-generated content? For a company trying hard to reinvent themselves in the digital age? In an environment where you’re losing market share to newer, nimbler and smarter companies? To be the one to put doubt in customers’ minds about storing things in the “cloud”?” wrote upset Kodak user Matthew Knell on his blog.

If you still happen to have pictures on Kodak Gallery, you don’t have a back up of the pictures, and don’t want to pay them start saving the pictures as soon as possible.  I remember users weren’t too happy when Yahoo! Photos shut down too.

[via Consumerist]