Krainkn Makes Skateboarding Safer and Easy To Learn

Posted Aug 15, 2012

Kevin Rains has put together a campaign on Kickstarter for his invention, which has resulted in a new sport known as “Krainkn.”  Krainkn is short for “Krainkboarding,” which is a combination of skateboarding and snowboarding.  The sport is for beginners, intermedia, and extreme boarders.

You can simply grab the handles, stand on the deck, jump, spin, twist, and grind.  You can practice your snowboarding skills on the skateboard.

Rains told me that beginner skateboarders have an easier time with the product and “feel so much more secure.”  He added that “standing, turning, and overall control are now immediately possible.”

The skateboard has been modified with plastic wedges at the front and back and is attached to rubber tubes with handles.  Rains said that the idea hit him several years ago when snowboarding with his youngest sun.  You can learn more about Krainkn here: