KwiClick Makes Searching Content and Sharing Videos Seamless On Firefox

Posted Dec 6, 2009

Vin Turk, co-founder of KwiClick shot me over an e-mail of this new service he created called KwiClick. Normally I am resistant to installing add-on Firefox plugins, but after watching the demo video of KwiClick below I was sold. The first step is to install the plugin from this website:

After that you can highlight any text and a box with the Google logo will pop up. If you click on that logo, there is an option to search for the highlighted text on Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, or Google Maps. The search results appear on a pop up box so you don’t actually navigate away from the page.

Another feature I like about KwiClick is that when you visit a website with an embedded video, several small icons will appear on top of the video that allows you to favorite, comment on, find related videos, and share the videos through Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail. This is convenient for me because I am very proactive about sharing content on Twitter and Facebook and it eliminates a few steps for me, thus saving time. KwiClick is easily one of the best Firefox plugins that I have installed so far.