Lady Gaga Announces GL20 Picture-Taking Sunglasses At CES

Posted Jan 8, 2011

Pop star sensation Lady Gaga unveiled a new line of sunglasses that have the ability to take pictures and video. The GL20 has two screens on them that face outward. These sunglasses are part of Polaroid’s Grey Label line of products. Everything registers into the USB, which is an ear piece. You can send the photos to a wireless printer called the GL10 using Bluetooth. The GL10 will be available in May and will cost $149. The GL30 instant camera is an update to the type of camera that Polaroid is famous for: take a picture and out pops a print-out. You can transfer photos taken from the GL10 back to your computer. Below is a demo of Gaga using the sunglasses and printer (via Mashable)