Lance Armstrong Launches Health Community Site, LiveStrong With $20 Million To Back It Up

Posted Jun 17, 2008

Plano, TX native and retired bicyclist, Lance Armstrong and Demand Media have partnered to create, a health and wellness social network.  In return, Lance Armstrong and The Lance Armstrong Foundation took equity in Demand Media.  Demand Media will be investing up to $20 million over the next 4 years in

LiveStrong has the following features:
Get Healthy – Information about Diseases/Conditions, Treatments, Drugs, Symptoms, Vitamins/Supplements, Poisons, Tests, Mental Health, Tools.
Be Active – Sports, Great Outdoors, Fitness, Injuries
Eat Well – Healthy Foods, Eating For Your Condition, Diet & Weight Loss, The Daily Plate (Personalized Weight Loss/Gain Plan)
Find Balance – Stress Management, Family, Career/Finance, Relationships
Stay Young – Appearance/Beauty, Senior Health, Senior Care
Groups – Ability to Create Groups
Dares – Dares to quit smoking, get more sleep, lose weight, exercise regularly, spend time with family, save money, drink more water, stay sober, etc.

LiveStrong has 600,000 pages of content, 15,000 articles, 350,000 nutritional food profiles, and 50,000 health Q&As.  The homepage has exercise videos powered by iTrain.

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