LAPD Searches For Lindsay Lohan House B&E Suspects Through YouTube

Posted Aug 27, 2009

About three people recently broke into Lindsay Lohan’s house in Hollywood Hills this past Sunday. It was all captured on video and the Los Angeles Police Department decided to take the video to the Internet in order to get help in catching the suspects. The video has been uploaded to YouTube by the LAPD.

The video shows three young individuals. Two are female and one is male, but all of them are covered in scarves. Uploading the video of these three individuals on YouTube is an interesting approach. Given the millions of people that watch video clips on YouTube every day, someone is bound to recognize the people in the video.

“I’m sorry i haven’t been on in a bit… my life has been kind of in shambles considering my house was broken into and i feel really violated,” wrote Lohan on her Twitter account shortly after the incident took place.

Below is the video clip of the incident taking place.