Larry Ellison Talks About Steve Jobs As A Friend, Larry Page As A Foe [Video]

Posted Aug 13, 2013

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was interviewed on CBS In The Morning.  In the interview, Larry Ellison talked about how he was best friends with Steve Jobs for over 20 years and they were neighbors for a long time.  Ellison started off the interview by talking about how he has “trouble with the Google guys,” particularly Google CEO Larry Page.

Larry Page

Charlie Rose: So Larry and Sergey, you have trouble with?

Larry Ellison: Larry specifically.

Charlie Rose: Why?  Larry per se.  Why?

Larry Ellison: Because he makes the decisions over there.  He runs that company.  No one else runs that company.  And they decided? let me very clear, when you write a program for the Android phone, you use Oracle Java tools for everything.  And at the very end, you press convert a button that says ‘convert this to Android format.’  We don’t compete with Google, we don’t do anything that Google does.  We think that they just took our stuff and that was wrong.  That’s a completely separate issue.

Charlie Rose: You think they’re evil?

Larry Ellison: I think what they did was absolutely evil.

Charlie Rose: And you blame Larry Page?

Larry Ellison: 100% Larry Page.

Charlie Rose: So if what you think they did was evil, that makes Larry Page evil.

Larry Ellison: No, it makes what he did evil, which is quite different.  And I know his slogan is don’t be evil.

Charlie Rose: Exactly.  That’s what I’m talking about.

Larry Ellison: And I think he slipped up this one time.

Charlie Rose: So he’s a good guy, but this time when he?

Larry Ellison: This really bothers me.  I don’t see how he thinks that you can just copy someone else’s stuff.  It just really bothers me.

Steve Jobs

Charlie Rose: Let’s talk about Steve Jobs.

Larry Ellison: Yeah, my best friend for 25 years.

Rose and Ellison talked about what the company is like without Steve and slightly debated during the interview, but then the issue turned towards Jobs’ final days.

“We’d always go for walks and the walks just kept getting shorter,” stated Ellison in the interview with Charlie Rose.  Ellison said that Steve Jobs decided to stop his cancer treatment, which was shocking to people that were close to Jobs.  A few days later, he passed away.  Ellison said that Jobs was “tired of the pain.”

“He just pulled off the meds? I think on a Saturday or a Sunday. And by the following Wednesday he was gone,” added Ellison.