Larry Ellison Taking Witness Stand Today In Lawsuit Against Google

Posted Apr 17, 2012

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison is taking the witness stand today in Oracle’s lawsuit against Google. Ellison will be examined by Oracle’s lawyers. Oracle filed a lawsuit against Google for infringing on their patents and copyrights on Java while working on building the Android operating system.

Ellison’s testimony will happen after Oracle lawyers make their opening arguments. Oracle filed the lawsuit against Google in 2010 after claiming that Android was violating seven different Java patents. Five of those patents were thrown out of court and two were left in court.

Google offered Oracle a share of Android revenue and $2.8 million in damages, but Oracle declined the offer. Oracle also accused Google of infringing copyrights on Java APIs.

Google denied the infringement claims and will argue that Java APIs cannot be protected by copyright because they are more akin to programming languages.