Larry King Is Now On Hulu

Posted Jul 17, 2012

Larry King, the suspender-wearing American TV and radio host, now has a program on Hulu.  Hulu announced today that “Larry King Now” will start premiering right away starting with Larry King’s interview with Seth MacFarlane.  Later this week interviews with Meghan McCain and Matthew McConaughey will premiere.

“Larry King Now” will be a four-day-a-week talk show.  “Larry King Now” is part of a broad distribution deal with Ora TV, which is an Internet TV network that is financed by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.  King is a co-founder of the network.

King is best known for being the host of CNN interview TV show “Larry King Live,” which ended in 2010 six months before his contract was done because of slipping TV ratings.

“Larry King Now” will be the first show out of several that will be produced by Ora TV on Hulu.  Larry King’s new show will also be streamed on Ora TV’s website.