Larry Page: Happiness Is A Healthy Disregard For The Impossible

Posted Apr 5, 2012

Google CEO Larry Page wrote a long memo today discussing the growth of Google+ and Android. I would say the best section of the memo is in the conclusion. Page reminisced about the time he spent at a summer leadership course at the University of Michigan. The slogan of the summer leadership course was ?a healthy disregard for the impossible.? That idea has stuck with Page ever since, but he said that it has been easier to make progress on “mega-ambitious goals” instead of less risky projects. Only a few people are crazy enough to try. Google AdSense has paid out $30 billion to their partners and it was the result of “failed ‘more’ ambitious project to under the Web. The team failed at understanding the Web, mostly, I think, because they were distracted by their work making advertisements amazingly relevant.”