Founders Planning To Leave CBS

Posted Jun 14, 2009

The three founders of Richard Jones, Martin Stiksel, and Felix Miller will most likely be leaving CBS by the end of the year.  About two years ago, was sold to CBS for $280 million.  The three founders will be leaving to start another project.

“This is the latest stage in a long journey for us founders, which began in a living room in east London in 2002, and took us to the headquarters of one of the biggest media companies in the world,” stated the founders of

The founders are not planning on any reasons revolving around the acquisition, but more because the website is in great shape.  They even said the company may even do better without the “crazy founder dudes hanging around.”

[via Guardian]

The three co-founders will be stepping down by the end of the month, but will serve as advisors for three months.  The three co-founders will also help pick another head for has about 37.7 million users.

In the past, TechCrunch had heard rumors accusing either CBS or the founders of sending user data to the RIAA.  Both CBS and had denied those claims.