Lauren Leto Raises Funding For New Startup Called BNTER

Posted Aug 20, 2010

You may know Lauren Leto best as being the co-founder of Now Leto is working on her second start-up called BNTER. Leto raised funding for BNTER from several angel investors that include Founder Collective (Chris Dixon), SV Angel (David Lee), and High Line Venture Partners (Shana Fisher).

Leto said that she is applying the knowledge gained by how people interact on TextsFromLastNight and applying it to BNTER. Leto co-founded BNTER with Patrick Moberg.

TextsFromLastNight as a whole has a solid track record: Their website receives millions of hits, their iPhone application has sold a large number, and they have a book deal. Ben Bator worked with Leto on creating TextsFromLastNight.

Leto studied Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy at Michigan State University’s James Madison University. Go Green!