Laurene Jobs Joining Stanford’s Board Of Trustees

Posted Sep 5, 2012

Laurene Powell Jobs is the window of Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs. Laurene is joining the board of trustees at Stanford University. Laurene was elected for a five-year term that will start October 1st. Laurene attending business school at Stanford and got her MBA in 1991.

Her husband Steve Jobs delivered one of the most famous speeches at Stanford.  He gave the commencement address at Stanford’s 2005 graduation ceremony.  Steve and Laurene met at Stanford in 1989 after he gave a speech at the business school.

Laurene Jobs is the founder and chair of Emerson Collective, which is a non-profit that supports social entrepreneurs.  Emerson Collective is based in Palo Alto and they are known for working on the DREAM Act, which would help undocumented students earn their citizenship.  Other Stanford board of trustees members includes VCs like Ronald Johnson (JCPenney CEO) and Jerry Yang (Yahoo! co-founder).