WATCH: Laverne Everett Interviewed Over Skydiving Video

Posted May 29, 2012

Eighty-one year old Laverne Everett celebrated her eightieth birthday by going skydiving. Everett almost slipped from her harness during a tandem jump last May at the Parachute Center in Lodi, California. In the video, it almost looks as if Everett did not want to jump because of her bad knees, but her instructor nudge her off anyway. Everett disagrees that this is the case, she said that her instructor knew that she wanted to jump. Everett said that her own clothes blocked her view during the jump and her jumping partner guided them safely away from the asphalt so that they could land on a grassy spot. Everett landed with only a few bruises and scrapes. ?It didn?t really scare me,?? said Everett in an interview with Matt Lauer on MSNBC’s TODAY earlier today.

?I thought, ?This was it,??? said Everett’s sister Jimmie Campora in the interview with Lauer. ?I was freaking out. My daughter said she?s never seen me like that.? Campora was watching from the ground and she was the one that uploaded the video to YouTube. The Federal Aviation Administration is currently investigating the incident. Around 8 people have died at the Parachute Center in the last 10 years including one in April.

?I?m not sorry I did it,?? Everett told the NBC News. She said that she has been more overwhelmed by all of her Internet fame. She said she was in shock knowing over 500,000 people have seen her video. Everett can check skydiving off of her bucket list and now she wants to ride in a race car as the next item.