Leah Busque Becomes CEO Of TaskRabbit Again

Posted Jun 8, 2012

Leah Busque had stepped down from the CEO position nine months ago at TaskRabbit. She decided to focus on the product and Eric Grosse took her place. Busque has now resumed the CEO position and Grosse will remain as an advisor at the company.

TaskRabbit is a service that allows users to pay people around their community to do some errands. Busque said that the board of the company realized that TaskRabbit should be product-driven. This decision was not influenced by the investors that put $25 million into the company. Busque realized that she can do more for the product as the leader of the company.

“Eric has been incredibly helpful over the past nine months, so I?m super psyched that he?s going to say on board,” said Busque in an interview with TechCrunch. “His focus has been strategic planning, corporate strategy, and high level operations, and those aspects are incredibly important things he helped us set up and establish.”