Leaked Document Shows Plans For Xbox 720, Kinect 2, AR Glasses

Posted Jun 16, 2012

This year we will not see an Xbox 720, but we will likely see it next year. TheVerge.com got their hands on a leaked 56-page document that shows a roadmap of the Xbox 720. The document appears to be from August 2010 and it refers to future improvements like SmartGlass, a Metro dashboard, and Xbox TV apps.

Microsoft Xbox 720 will have a Blu-ray player, native 3D output and glasses, concurrent apps, an additional sensor, and support for peripherals. There will be a 6x performance increase, true 1080p output, full 3D support, and an “always on” state.

In terms of the hardware, the new Xbox will be designed to be scalable in the terms of CPU cores and frequencies. Microsoft is still deciding whether they will be using 6 or 8 ARM processors or x86 cores that are clocked at 2GHz with 4GB of DDR4 memory alongside 3 PPC cores clocked at 3.2GHz each for backwards compatibility.

Microsoft wants to make the Xbox 720 the only box you will need for the living room since it would provide background recording functionality for TV content. The new console is expected to be $299 with Kinect 2, a 10 year lifecycle, and over 100 million units sold.

The Kinect 2 will have a higher accuracy, stereo imaging, improved voice recognition, four player tracking support, improved RGB camera, and dedicated hardware processing than it’s predecessor. Some of the four player games that would be available on Xbox 720 including carnival games, darts, and basketball games.

The Microsoft “Fortaleza” Kinect Glasses is a research project that will be WiFi or 4G-enabled and will incorporate augmented reality (AR) that is similar to Google Glasses.

Kinect Glasses will arrive in 2014, but it will not come with the console. Even though Microsoft did not specify more about the Glasses product, the sketches make them appear to be mobile to use on-the-go. It will be interesting to see how this plays out because Google has patented the ornamental design of the augmented reality glasses.