Now You Can Build Your Own Mars Curiosity Rover? Using Legos

Posted Jun 18, 2013

The NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover will soon become a Lego model.  Lego posted three projects to be voted on for the next building blocks model.  The three projects included Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover, the UCS Sandcrawler, and Thinking with Portals!  Stephen Pakbaz, a mechanical engineer that worked on the Curiosity for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory also designed the 1:20 scale Lego version of the Rover.

“The product aligns well with the Lego Group’s mission to “inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow,” including those who will build our future in outer space,” stated Lego community manager Tim Courtney. “Like the Back to the Future Time Machine, which was approved in the Summer Review, the model presented in this project is built very closely to the Lego Group’s design standards and so the final product will be very close to Perijove’s original design.”

To learn how to build the Curiosity, there is a step-by-step instructions (PDF) created by Pakbaz.  Lego did not report the price or availability of the actual brick version of the Rover, but an update is expected to come in a few months.

Below is a video about the vote that took place for the new Lego project:

(Image Credit: Stephen Pakbaz via CNET)