Lenovo Analyst Matt Kohut Predicts Touchscreen Netbooks Will Help Drive Windows 7

Posted May 14, 2009

Lenovo in-house analyst Matt Kohut has recently interviewed with TECH.BLORGE about the future of netbooks.  He believes that touchscreens will help drive the popularity of Windows 7.  Windows 7 and Vista have strong support for touchscreens.  The more that computers become touchscreen, the less Linux will be distributed.  Kohut also predicts that netbook screens will get bigger and will more 3G support.

In regards to the low cost of netbooks Kohut stated:
“What has really helped is that Intel and all the other vendors are getting better at getting the whole system integrated on the chip. With the newest generation of processors, for example, you have your chip, your processor, plus your Northbridge, your Southbridge, and memory controller which is separate, now they are integrating them into the processor.”