Lenovo Group Limited (0992) patents a Glass-like device

Posted Jun 24, 2014

Lenovo has just filed a patent for an ?Electronic Device And Sound Capturing Method.? The device appears on the USPTO website. It looks very similar to the Google Glass device.

Lenovo’s smart-glasses product is fairly simple as it has an audio and video recorder as well as light-pump VOD displays that looks like it appears to be from Lumus Labs. There are bone conduction microphones in the earpieces that adds a method for wireless communication.

The patent describes the device as a recording device rather than a wearable. This may ensure that Lenovo does not get hit with competitor lawsuits. Generally it takes a while for a company to build a prototype and commercialize technology that has patented. Sometimes companies with patents just sue others, known as “patent trolls.”

Currently, Lenovo is simply known for its ThinkPad laptops. This patent indicates that it has an interest n the wearables market though.

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