Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Table PC Coming This Summer For Around $1,699

Posted Jan 13, 2013

At CES 2013, Lenovo announced the IdeaCentre Horizon 27 Table PC.  The Horizon 27 Table PC is a battery-powered desktop that can collapse into a table-top mode.  The Horizon 27 Table PC is a 27-inch, 1080p slate that is optimized for multi-user touch input.  The Horizon 27 Table PC has processors that range between Core i3 and i7.  The graphics are maxed out at the NVIDIA GeForce GT 620M and the storage hits a max of 1TB.  Users are able to switch between the Auro moon-dial user interface and there is a standard Windows 8 interface.  The Horizon is useful for multi-player games especially like the Monopoly board game.  The Table PC also has an optional stand that supports a flat table mode and a desktop mode.  Lenovo mentioned at CES that the pricing will start at around $1,699.  It is expected to arrive this summer.