Leo Laporte’s TWiT.TV Makes $1.5 Million Per Year

Posted Oct 5, 2009

Leo Laporte was one of the creators and co-hosts of the TV show The Screen Savers on TechTV around 1998. Laporte left in 2004 because of a disagreement with one of TechTV’s investors. Laporte has attempted several different TV and radio shows in between 2004 and 2008. And then he started a podcast called This WEEK in TECH (TWiT.TV).

At the Online News Association last week, Laporte said that TWiT earned $1.5 million. The operating cost of running the program is $350,000 so that gives the company $1.15 million in profit. Every year Laporte’s revenue has been doubling too. Laporte charges advertisers $70 CPM. Some of TWiT’s regular guests on the program include Kevin Rose, Justine Ezarik, and Michael Arrington.

Around the time that the Palm Pre was released, Laporte’s ethics were questioned by Arrington and the two got into a verbal argument. The major problem with TWiT.TV is that revenue is generated entirely by Laporte’s credibility and desire to constantly air podcasts. If a company was ever to buy TWiT.TV, then they would have to make Laporte sign an extended long-term contract.