Leopard Seal Teaches National Geographic Photographer How To Catch A Penguin [Video]

Posted Nov 17, 2009

Paul Nicklen is a photographer at National Geographic that went to Antarctica to film some leopard seals. When Nicklen slipped into the water with his camera, he was worried about what the seals would try to do to him. One large leopard seal approached his camera and gaped its mouth open. But then it backed off.

The same leopard seal came back with a penguin in its mouth and tried to shove it into Nicklen’s camera thinking it is its mouth. The penguin escaped and the leopard seal gave a look of disgust to Nicklen. Nicklen said the leopard seal kept bringing back penguins to him over and over. The leopard seal eventually realized that Nicklen was a “useless predator in her ocean, probably going to starve to death.”

Then Nicklen said that the leopard seal started looking a bit concerned. So it brought back weak penguins and some dead penguins. Then it brought partially consumed penguins in an effort to teach Nicklen how to eat them. This happened for over 4 days straight.