Less Than 15% Of Wikipedia Contributors Are Women

Posted Jan 31, 2011

As Wikipedia’s celebrates its 10 years of existence, they have hit 3.5 million English articles in over 250 languages. Thousands of people are contributing the Wikipedia’s articles, but less than 15% of that number are women. A majority of the contributors are in their mid-20s.

The Wikimedia Foundation executive director Sue Gardner is aiming to increase the contribution from women to 25% by 2015. Not because of diversity, but because Gardner believes that Wikipedia’s content would be improved.

?Everyone brings their crumb of information to the table,? said Gardner. ?If they are not at the table, we don?t benefit from their crumb.? Some of the disparities are quite noticeable. For example, the article on The Sopranos is chock-full of information but each article on Sex and the City has a brief summary of each episode.