Less Than 2% Of People In Japan Have A Facebook Account

Posted Jan 10, 2011

Even though Facebook is one of the biggest websites in the United States, it is barely noticed in Japan. Facebook added their 583 millionth member recently and less than 2% of those in Japan have an account. The number of Facebook users in Japan is 2 million, which is still not a bad number. So what social networks are people a part of in Japan? Mixi, Gree, and Mobage-town. Each of these social networks have over 20 million users in Japan.

The reason why so many people are not a part of Facebook in Japan is because the Japanese are generally private in their culture. A lot of their avatars have fake names or nicknames. Facebook has a Japanese version of their website translated by free volunteers, but users complain that the site is awkward to use. Facebook opened an office in Tokyo this past February.

?I don?t want to give it my real name,? said Mixi user Maiko Ueda. ?What if strangers find out who you are? Or someone from your company?? Facebook and Mixi announced cross-platform integration back in October, but it seems like it is not doing much for the U.S. based social network.