Let’s Pizza! Vending Machine In Italy Makes Fresh Pizza

Posted Mar 14, 2009

Update: I received an e-mail from Claudio’s representative  Massimo Gilmozzi about all the e-mails coming in.  I’m going to send the e-mail address of everyone that left a comment to Massimo on Sunday March 29th.

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Claudio Torghele put together a vending machine that creates fresh pizza on the spot.  Torghele, 56, is an entrepreneur from Northern Italy.  The vending machine actuallyuses fresh ingredients too, it doesn’t have frozen pizza.

The vending machine whips the flour, water, tomato sauce, and other ingredients to create the fresh pizza within 3 minutes.  The vending machine is called Let’s Pizza.  ?At food courts I saw a trend toward vending machines,? stated Torghele in an interview with The New York Times. ?In fast food, I saw pizza everywhere.?

The vending machines have a window so that customers can see their food being made.  There are four varieties of pizza (margherita, bacon, ham, and fresh greens).  The starting price of a pizza made by the vending machine is about $4.50.

These vending machines will begin appearing at strategic locations around Europe.  No word yet on whether it will cross the ocean and make it to the U.S.

Torghele’s idea has VC-backing from a Dutch-firm.

[image credit: Lucio Tonina/SITOS]