LevelEleven Spins Out Of ePrize With $1 Million In Seed Funding

Posted Oct 31, 2012

LevelEleven is an enterprise gamification company that launched in Detroit earlier this week.  The company is backed with $1 million in seed funding from investors Detroit Venture Partners and ePrize.  LevelEleven’s software will help managers keep salesmen motivated.

LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh and Detroit Venture Partner’s CEO Josh Linker worked together before Mr. Linkner started ePrize.  Mr. Marsh had spent 13 years in sales and management positions and the company was conceived as a division within ePrize.  This is up until Mr. Marsh and current ePrize CEO Matt Wise saw potential for LevelEleven to spin off into their own company.

?I feel so blessed that it wasn?t just me starting out on my own,? stated Marsh in an interview with Xconomy. ?I was able to develop my idea within the insulation of a great company.?  Based in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, ePrize is a digital marketing and engagement company that became the largest interactive promotions agency in the world.  ePrize was acquired in August by Catterton Partners for an undisclosed amount.

Mr. Marsh came up with the idea of LevelEleven’s flagship product called Contest Builder when ePrize was implementing Salesforce.com’s enterprise software.  Instead of working with consultants, Mr. Mash worked with his sales team to learn what works with Salesforce’s software.

?When a company buys software like Salesforce, it?s about changing habits,? stated Mr. Marsh. ?They?re buying into the ability to measure sales activity and motivate sales people.?

Mr. Marsh learned that Salesforce.com’s software was a way to motivate his sales team.  After Mr. Marsh talked to Mr. Wise about his idea, a couple of ePrize engineers spent the summer building it.  The Contest Builder Salesforce.com app launched in September 2011 at the Dreamforce conference.  A lot of leads were generated at the conference.

Mr. Wise agreed that ePrize would continue to put resources into Contest Builder.  Around 20 customers signed up to use the software early on.  Contest Builder later became the top gamification app in the Salesforce AppExchange.

LevelEleven moved into the M@dison Building, owned by Dan Gilbert.  The LevelEleven team has 6 people on their staff and they expect to hire more people soon.