Lexmark Buys Acuo Technologies For $45 Million

Posted Jan 3, 2013

Lexmark International has acquired Acuo Technologies LLC, a high performance software and services company known for offering clinical content management, data migration, and vendor neutral archives services.  Lexmark is paying around $45 million for the company.  Acuo Technologies will be rolled into Lexmark subsidiary Perceptive Software.  Acuo Technologies will allow customers to deploy a single and enterprise-wide access platform for clinical content through electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Acuo’s Universal Clinical Platform helps drive better care delivery by consolidating medical images.  Acuo Technologies offers a single integration point for all medical imaging assets.  The company helps lower costs and risks through UCP’s ability to work with multiple systems.  Perceptive Software and Acuo Technologies will offer a set of technologies to the healthcare sector.

“With the acquisition of Acuo Technologies, Lexmark is further strengthening and differentiating our industry-leading healthcare offerings as the healthcare IT market continues to expand at a rapid pace,” stated Lexmark chairman and CEO Paul Rooke. “The four acquisitions we’ve completed in 2012 showcase Lexmark’s transition to being a key solutions provider to enterprise-sized businesses and organizations across the globe.”