LG announces G Pro 2 with 4K camera and knock code

Posted Feb 13, 2014

LG has announced the G Pro 2 camera on Wednesday. The G Pro 2 has a 5.9-inch screen, which is larger than the original G Pro’s 5.5-inch panel. This means that the G Pro 2 is as big as the Galaxy Note 3 based on display size and has the same 1920×1080 resolution display.

One of the most innovative features in the G Pro 2 is knock-to-unlock. This feature lets users unlock and turn on the phone by tapping on the screen in a specific beat.

The LG G Pro 2 has a 13-megapixel camera, 32GB storage, 4K video shooting at up to 120fps. It also uses the Android KitKat (version 4.4) mobile operating system. The phone comes in white, silver, and black.

[Source: Engadget]