LG and Samsung to enable apps for controlling household appliances

Posted Dec 28, 2013

Earlier this week, LG Electronics and Samsung announced new plans for allowing consumers to control home appliances using apps. LG announced that consumers will be able to control household appliances through the Line chat app, which will use Natural Language Processing technology. Samsung is giving developers ways to build apps that control products from a TV through a new version of its Smart TV software development kit (SDK).


LG integrated their HomeChat service with Line so that users can control compatible appliances by sending messages in Line. The service will be available initially in English and Korea. More languages will be available in the near future.

An example of how it works is as follows:

Text on Line: “I am going on a trip”

Refrigerator: “Should I go in vacation mode?”

Text on Line: Yes

The refrigerator will go into power-saving mode.

There are four appliances that are compatible with the messaging service. It includes refrigerators, the HOM-BOT SQUARE vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and Smart Ovens.


Samsung reported that SDK 5.0 is compatible with more devices than the previous version of the software. The SDK will allow apps to “talk” to a range of appliances, including air conditioning, refrigerators, and lighting. The beta of the SDK is available on Samsungdforum.com. The full version of the SDK will be available on January 6th.

[Source: LG Newsroom/TNW]