LG Starting New Production Line For LCDs Through New South Korea Plant

Posted Mar 9, 2009

LG Electronics is taking their LG Display division to the next level.  Recently they have opened up a $1.6 billion facility in South Korea.  This facility will be pumping out display screens for TVs and glass panels for LCD screens.

One of LG’s biggest rivals Samsung is also planning on opening up a new LCD factory soon.  LG Display is currently the #2 LCD TV display company after Samsung.

The new plant that LG opened up will be creating 32″, 47″, and 55″ LCD panels.  About 20,000 sheets of mother glass is able to be created in the new plant every month.  The company predicts that LG Display will be able to increase production to about 83,000 sheets every month by the close of this year.

[via PCW]