Interview With LifeKraze President Jay Kelley

Posted Oct 3, 2012

There is a study being published in Psychological Science that states that people with low self-esteem often post negative details about their lives on Facebook and they are making themselves less likable as a result.  LifeKraze, is a startup company that prides itself on social good.  LifeKraze is popular for aiming to change the way people live offline by changing the way that people live online.

LifeKraze rewards you for living healthy and active lifestyles.  LifeKraze?s social platform thrives on collective encouragement.  I think it is great to see a social network that insists that you get off your butt and do something active!  LifeKraze offers deals and partner discounts from fitness and recreation outlets like The North Face, Men?s Health, and prAna.

I interviewed LifeKraze president, Jay Kelley, about the company.  LifeKraze has around $2 million in funding and was founded by 3 college soccer players: Ben Wagner, David Nielson, and Michael Brooks Jr.  The three learned a lot about being competitive and working together, and upon graduating, missed being part of a competitive environment ? and thus, LifeKraze was born.  They wanted to create a team atmosphere in social media where peers around you reward you with points.

When LifeKraze launched in beta, the expected demographic was going to be people in their 20?s.  However, LifeKraze has users that are anywhere between their 20?s and 70?s.

?They come to LifeKraze to post their accomplishments whereas on other social networks, some people get tired of posting too much about their accomplishments on their social networks,? said Mr. Kelley.  Social networking should be used more for sharing personal success and accomplishments with a community that offers motivation and inspirations through social good.  The company has around 10 employees.  The iPhone application was launched on July 24th right before the Summer 2012 Olympic Games in London.

LifeKraze recently recruited 12 Olympians, who posted their accomplishments on LifeKraze every single day of the games through the LifeKraze Mission: Inspire campaign ? bringing the LifeKraze attitude to the London games.  On LifeKraze, ?It would be cool to see an Olympian ?high-five? a 72-year-old woman.?  Athletes would even post when they won a medal!  Some of the Olympians on the LifeKraze platform include Angel McCoughtry (women?s basketball), Becky Sauerbrunn (soccer), Katya Bachrouche (swimming), Casey Elchfeld (Slalom C1 canoeing), Kyle Vashkulat (judo), Michelle Vittese (field hockey), Nick Delpopolo (judo), Paige Selenski (field hockey), Race Imboden (fencing), Caroline Queen (Slalom kayak), AG Kruger (hammer throw), and Terrence Jennings (tae kwon do).

You can download the iPhone application from iTunes [link].