Li’l Wayne Sends Letters From Prison To Be Posted On His Blog

Posted Apr 4, 2010

Li’l Wayne is one of the most hard working rappers in the entertainment industry right now. He had a large number of songs that went to become hit singles in the last couple of years. He was sentenced in jail recently for having a loaded gun on his tour bus in 2007.

Even though he’s locked up, he is still blogging. He does this by mailing letters to his website owner and it gets published in a blog format. ?During my prison stint, I want my fans to know I love you. I want all of you to know that I appreciate all the mail I get, and this is my way of saying thank you,” wrote Li’l Wayne as posted on

In the past Wayne wrote columns for ESPN about sports. He said he will soon start blogging again for the sports website. However he won’t be sending any Twitter or MySpace updates from jail. Wayne is expected to leave prison in a year. [Mashable]