Lime Wire LLC Building A Music Social Network: LimeSpot

Posted Jan 13, 2008

New York City-based, Lime Wire LLC started in 2000.   The company is especially known for its P2P software, LimeWire.  Now the strong team of Lime Wire’s developers and business- men and women are building a social community and LimeWire Store.

“Whatâ??s really going to get interesting is when and how weâ??ll start connecting these new capabilities and communities, to benefit all,” stated George Searle, CEO of Lime Wire LLC.  “This year, alongside the usual LimeWire search results, weâ??ll begin integrating links to extended content in LimeSpot, LimeWire Store and, eventually, across the web [information souce: Lime Wire blog].”

Lime Wire also recently integrated BitTorrent.  Lime Wire’s revenues are primarily collected from apparel, license costs, and “Extended Pro” licenses.