LimeWire Chair Mark Gorton Tells Congress Not To Worry About Doc Sharing

Posted May 4, 2009

LimeWire has sent a response (PDF from to Congress where he explains the steps that the P2P company is taking to prevent document sharing.  This will prevent users from sharing government documents or inadvertently sharing tax return letters.

LimeWire had to add extra safeguards due to Congress re-opening an investigation against the company.  Information regarding President Barack Obama’s helicopter “Marine One,” along with medical records and tax return information had leaked over the a P2P network recently.

?LimeWire 5 by default does not share documents even if a user purposely attempts to do so,? stated Gorton. ?LimeWire will not allow it. In fact, LimeWire 5 [released in December] goes so far as to automatically un-share documents that a user may have shared using a 4.x version of LimeWire.?

A response was demanded from Gorton by The House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  This is because Marine One data was downloaded by an IP address in Iran.  Older versions of LimeWire by default asked if you would like to share folders containing audio, video, documents, and software.

[via Wired]