Linden Lab To Partner With Rivers Run Red For 3D Meeting Room Set-Up

Posted Oct 19, 2008

Linden Lab, the parent company of Second Life is making a strategic move into the enterprise world by partnering with Rivers Run Red.  Rivers Run Red is a company based in London, England that styles a web version of Second Life to build 3D meetings.  Rivers Run Red also allows users to store multimedia, build news feeds, and hold 3D meetings external of Second Life.

While many customers want to run these meetings on their own servers, Linden Lab has built a custom version for IBM using Second Life.  As companies continue to cut costs in the tight economy, Second Life just might become a normal alternative for traveling across the world.

Rivers Run Red does not work exclusively with Linden Lab to provide virtual world offerings.  This past July, Rivers Run Red signed a deal with Google to build a custom 3D spaces for Lively.  Other Rivers Run Red clients include Adidas, BBC, Coca-Cola, Heineken, HarperCollins, The Guardian, Unilever, and Vodafone.

Rivers Run Red’s core services are Immersive Workspaces and Immersive Brandspaces.