Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens’ Star Wars Medley Nears 1 Million Views In 3 Days

Posted Aug 12, 2013

Lindsey Stirling became my favorite violin player after she created the popular Crystallize dubstep song.  Peter Hollens is a pop singer that has been involved with a cappella music since 1999 when he started the a cappella at the University of Oregon called “On The Rocks.”

Hollens and Stirling previously collaborated on the covers for Game of Thrones and Skyrim.  A few days ago Stirling and Hollens decided to collaborate again on by covering the Star Wars series.  It took the two around six months to finish the whole project.  They filmed the scenes at various scenes around Hollens’ Oregon home.

Some of the Star Wars scene that inspired this viral video includes Darth Video’s commander ship, the Yuma sand dunes, and the Endor forest moon.  Stirling is seen in the video sporting Princess Leia’s signature hair buns.  Check out the video above.

The video has hit nearly 1 million views in 3 days on YouTube.