Line App Is Now Hitting Around $100M Per Quarter

Posted Nov 11, 2013

Line is a Japan based messaging app that launched slightly over 2 years ago.  Now the company is hitting in around $100 million in revenues per quarter.  The Line app spun out of their parent company NHN.  Line reported that they brought in 9.9 billion yen ($99.9 million) in net sales for the quarter ending September.  The amount that Line had to pay out to the app stores and developers has more than doubled over the past 6 months to 15.6 billion yen ($157.6 million).

Based on these numbers, the question about Line going public would obviously come up.  Jun Masuda, a full-time executive at Line, said in an interview with TechCrunch that “We currently have enough cash and we don?t have a pressing need to do an IPO.?

Line now has around 280 million registered users worldwide and 49 million are in Japan alone.

Line’s revenue stream includes stickers and gaming.  Line has 39 published titles and deals that are in the works to have third-party games from abroad into the Japanese market.  Line recently signed a deal with Boomlagoon, a studio created by former Angry Birds developers.  Around 60% of Line’s revenues are from games.  About 20% of their sales are from stickers.  Line also has sponsored accounts and merchandising.