Line Messaging App Surpasses 100 Million Users

Posted Jan 20, 2013

Line is a messaging mobile application that was created by South Korea based company Naver Corp.  The company is growing at a rapid pace based on their app surpassing 100 million users since launching 19 months ago.  Line competes against the likes of messaging companies in Asia like WeChat and KakaoTalk.

Line allows users to make free voice calls through their messaging app.  The messaging app also lets users send funny emoji icons like a bunny with a flame in it’s eyes or teddy bears juggling eggplants.  Some of the emojis are free and some are paid.  Back in July, the company was making $3.75 million in sticker sales, but that figure is much higher now according to Naver USA CEO Jeanie Han.

Line also has sponsored accounts from major brands.  These brands can sponsor packs of stickers.  Line is expanding their application to the U.S. and has signed up celebrities like Snoop Dogg to encourage teenagers and people in their 20’s to join.  Before joining Line, Han worked at Paramount Pictures for 10 years.

[Source: TechCrunch]