LinkedIn Announces A New Contacts App

Posted Apr 25, 2013

Professional social network company LinkedIn has announced a new application called LinkedIn Contacts.  LinkedIn Contacts is an iPhone app that centralizes messages, contacts, and events.

The Contacts section lets you check out contacts based on alphabetical order, recent conversation, or newly added.  The To Do section is a reminder to congratulate people on a promotion, wish someone a happy birthday, or schedule time to catch up with someone.  The To Do section will shown online and within the app.  LinkedIn can grab data about when you first started talking to a contact and when you met with them using data on Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and  LinkedIn can uses data from Evernote and CardMunch.

The Calendar section shows you what events you have coming up.  When joining LinkedIn, users can sync their calendar from other services like Google Calendar.

The creation of the Contacts app was the result of the acquisition of a company called Connected.  LinkedIn acquired Connected in October 2011.  Connected founder Sachin Rekhi was the head of the LinkedIn Contacts app.  Contacts will be available to a small number of U.S. users at first and will roll out to others later.  LinkedIn is working on an Android app and a mobile website for Contacts later.

Below are some screenshots of the app, which can be downloaded from the App Store now.