LinkedIn Announces “Apply Within LinkedIn” Button For Job Boards

Posted Jul 25, 2011

LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE:LNKD) has announced a new feature called the “Apply with LinkedIn” button. LinkedIn is making it easier to submit your profile to any job application on the web by using a simple click. Some of the employers that have integrated the LinkedIn apply button include Photobucket, Netflix, and TripIt.

When clicking on the “Apply With LinkedIn” button, you will be able to update your profile in real-time. You will also be shown which of your professional connections work at the company. And if you do not know someone that works at the company that you are applying to, you will be notified which of your connections have a friend or family member that works there.

LinkedIn records all of your Apply With LinkedIn submissions in the Saved Jobs tab. This gives you the records of jobs that you have applied to.

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