LinkedIn APIs For Developers In The Pipeline

Posted Jun 25, 2007

There are rumors circulating in the blogosphere that LinkedIn[1], the professional social network created by Reid Hoffman, is plotting the development of APIs for developers to generated products within the website. This is similar to Facebook’s F8 efforts[2]. The API will be unleashing within the next 9 months or so.

The reason why LinkedIn is developing APIs may be because the social networks that allow applications and widgets which include MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook, are dominating the market. Logically it makes sense though. Widgets and applications enhance profiles if done so correctly. MySpace and Photobucket had their share of widget problems before MySpace acquired Photobucket. Not to mention, Facebook took a little bit of criticism for the applications features.

Speaking from my own point-of-view, what drew me back to Facebook initially was free, unlimited photo uploads. I believe back then, Yahoo! Photos had a cap and so did the other photo services I’ve seen. Also, Shutterfly’s upload process was not as appealing to me. Friendster also did not have unlimited photo albums back then either. If LinkedIn offered unlimited photos around the same time Facebook, things may have been quite different.

LinkedIn’s users include those who have privacy concerns against Facebook. Until LinkedIn has more to offer, it will be difficult to poach from Facebook’s users. This is why I believe the LinkedIn APIs feature will be a great addition.

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