LinkedIn Corp (LNKD) Denies E-Mail Hacking

Posted Sep 23, 2013

Last week, several LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) users filed a lawsuit against the professional social network claiming that the company hacked their e-mail accounts without permission.


LinkedIn has issued a denial of the allegation.  The four users suing LinkedIn complained that the social network hacked into their external e-mail accounts, downloaded contact information for their connections, and then sent out invitations to connect.

LinkedIn was accused of using this form of marketing as a tactic for their own growth and to promote their services repeatedly.  Paul Perkins, Pennie Sempell, Ann Brandwein, and Erin Eggers are the four users behind the lawsuit.

?We never send messages or invitations to join LinkedIn on your behalf to anyone unless you have given us permission to do so,? stated LinkedIn senior director of litigation Blake Lawit.